HyperDroid 1.6 is the New Best ROM for HD2!!!
I’ve been wanting to try the Cyanogen Mod version of Android for a long time but havent found an HD2 compatible ROM that I like until now. Thats when I ran across Pongster’s HyperDroid v1.6. This is a very exciting new build for the HD2 that incorporates Cyanogen Android. Here is a link to the build thread on XDA:

I’ve been using it for a couple days now and it seems to work every bit as well as MattC 1.8 while incorporating the extended flexibility of Cyanogen. The only downside is losing some of the advantages of the Sense based UI but you will find in my next post a guide as to how I minimized the ill-effects (linked below).

Transitioning from an HTC Sense based UI to a Cyanogen tweaked Android UI:

High resolution version (Froyo/2.2)