Here is a great site showing the different builds:

And here is a multi-build review from an XDA member:

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People want summaries of the Android builds, so here we go:

1. For the most stable builds, pick the ones which are simpy Froyo 2.2 based, or based on the cyanogen mod (CM6) without sense, and are usually based on builds for the Google Nexus.

2. Then you have froyo + sense. now there are different versions of sense out there and froyo. you have the ‘supersonic’ over the air update which made it 2.2.1 versus the original 2.2. FRG** and FRF** denote different versions of android core.

Following that you have all the ones which are (usually) based on 2.2.1 android….BUT…the magical sauce is in the sense build they use. Unlike WM with 2018 and 2016 etc for sense we now have a few variants as defined by the phone they run on:
2a) Desire
2b) Evo (sense build: 3.29.651.5)
2c) Desire HD roms (sense build: 1.24.405.1)
2d) Desire Z (1.22.405.1)
2e) Lexicon ()

Lexicon seems to be a quick sense build, BUT things like compass and gsensor and camera dont seem to work.

Desire Z seems to be visually nicer, almost as nippy, much newer….but the font sizes are not optimised for the HD2 – the PPI is too low and fonts bigger – i.e. you see less on the screen at the time. same gsensor, camera and compass issues as above.

Desire HD builds are the biggest resource hogs…but nevertheless remain fast if you have a taskkiller and are visually the most stunning. same gsensor and compass and camera issues as above. Having used this more extensively I can also confirm that I get data disconnects (which plague all recent builds), but the HTC reader does not work, and the HTC locations/latitude does not work fully. HTC hub etc works fine tho.

Evo – more stable and more fully featured than any of the above, but not quite as quick nor as pretty. also font scaling not as good as on Desire HD rom. Data disconnects still on this build. Has voice activiation/dialing with long send key.

Desire – the oldest set of builds – or was it HTC ACE/bravo??/ I can’t quite remember. very stable, but not very quick. I think this came with voice dialing activated with long send key.

I am using the Desire HD based mdeejay ROM 24/7 now. seems very good. I don’t like the gmail email app tho…fortunately I dont need the camera. I get no music stuttering. BT works perfectly (stereo+mono), as does GPS. Voice search/commands work when you launch the app, but it does not seem to be triggered by a long send…can’t remember if voice command works triggered from BT headset.

It does use more battery than WM – I barely get two days solid use whereas I used to get a solid 3 on WM only. I have installed setcpu and run it quite aggressively.

Also remember that not only do the builds differ in terms of Android build, and sense build (if included), but often come with different kernels – such as by hastarin, michyprima and the more stock ones based on the zimage database maintained by the htc-linux team. The kernel will usually determine what works and what doesn’t.
Hope this helps.