Update 9-11-10: I am now using MatC 1.7 RMNET. It seemed to work better the second time I formatted the card and installed it. It’s not perfect but I think it’s the best current option. Overall it performs all my my necessary daily tasks, only mild glitchyness, momentary freezes and occasional temporary lagging but it wont be long before a full working version is released to completely replace Windows Mobile on the device.

Original post:
My current favorite set-up is MattC-1.6b-RMNET with SetCPU set to 245min/768max and conservative scaling and I think it really helps my battery life with only a mild effect on performance.

Everything works just fine and I use it as my daily operating system. I had bad luck with the ppp rootfs versions and dont care for the git kernel in the 1.7 version because I like to use SetCPU as I stated above.

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