I am currently running a version of Android Froyo on my phone that includes HTC Sense user interface. I really like having it and I think it has some great widgets, props to HTC. The HTC Mail Widget is one that I really like to use and I had some trouble with it. Yahoo mail worked fine at first with it and then it just stopped updating.

Yahoo mail POP access is a funny thing. I think they allow pop access for a short period on each new device before they shut it down to tease you into paying to upgrade. Or maybe it is completely random, either way, sometimes it just works even though it apparently isnt supposed to. For United States and most other regions of the world, Yahoo wants you to pay for the Pro version to gain POP access. But I have found out how to make it work consistently at no cost with a little known loophole/workaround that Yahoo must have placed there intentionally for clever hacker friends to take advantage of.

If you go into your Yahoo Mail settings and change your region of the world to Asia, then it works. And strangely enough, everything else about your account stays basically the same other than a few minor graphical differences. Everything is still in English and your timezone doesnt change. Hence the reason I think it must be an intentionally placed loophole.

Anyway, I’m glad to have found it and cheers to anyone that can gain any enjoyment out of this. One more note, I still think it’s worth having the Yahoo Mail app installed for certain situations. Thanks for reading.