My friends and I over at the forum have been working on a living app list. We’ve been updating it and hopefully it will continue to stay updated. Here it is below. Watch for changes.

Battery Left – Free. One of my very favorite apps, I might just buy the paid version.
Fake FireFox
Stock Quote – Free. This is the best stock app I’ve found to manage your portfolio, it has widgets but I prefer the HTC Sense stock widget.
SystemPanel Lite Task Manager – Free. I like this one for all the data in the program but not the widgets.
TasKiller – I like this one for the mini taskbar.
eBay – Free
Yahoo Mail – Free
Craigslist – Free. Love the updates, craigslist in socal is a must have.
Yelp – Free. This is a must have also, we love to find and rate restaurants and this lets me do it in realtime on the go.
Speedtest – Free. I use this constantly.
AudioManager – Free. Has an awesome 4×1 widget that sits nicely under the power widget and lets you manage every notification volume and vibe control.
ShootMe – Free. Must have for screenshots; for root users only.
SetCPU – This is a cool thing to have. I’m using a kernel compiled specifically for my phone so I havent seen much if any difference really. I’m hoping it will give me better battery life but the verdict is still out. It does have a lot of cool data though, overall I like it.
Titanium Backup – Free. I have yet to actually use this but I hear great things about it.
DailyFinance – Free. I like this one for the daily movers. The charts are cool too and it works well for quick quotes.
GPS Test – Free. Signal testing and satellite locating program. Has speedometer and coordinates too.
Google Earth – Free. It’s google earth
Digital Clock Widget by Maize – Very clean homescreen clock widget.
XDA-Developers – Necessity
Ulysse Gizmos – Wicked set of gadgets that read all of the devices internal sensors.
Free Power Widget – Like the Android power widget except with TONS of features.
Current Widget – Measures the devices current draw in mA.
GPS HUD – I havent really used this yet but it seems like a good idea.

Tapatalk Pro
Color Flashlight
Google Sky Maps
My Verizon
(verizon customers
Barcode Scanner
Liquor Run
The Word
(Stephen Colbert)

ShopSavvy – best app for comparison shopping etc.
HandyCalc – “full” calculator
Caller ID Faker – the free version lets you make 2 min calls, lets you disguise your voice as a mans or womens and you can disguise your number to be what ever you want it to be…this one has been a ton of fun messing with friends. I’ve called friends while standing 5 feet from them and had them going for a minute till they realized it was me, pretty fun app!
Documents to go – full version lets you modify/create word, excel, powerpoint & pdf files
Lookout – similar to wheres my droid but free
PrinterShare – can print from phone either to networked computer or route through computer on network
Scanner Buddy – Police/fire scanner has lots of cities
Trapster – shows where speed cameras are, and where police like to hide
Visual Voice – (t-mobile) app for visually seeing your voice mails

Advanced Task Killer Pro
Brainwave Tuner
(I swear it cures my headaches almost instantly)
Google Finance
(I happen to like this one)
Google Goggles
Google Sky Map
(to play NES roms)
Quick Check Surf Report
Remote VNC Pro
Tapatalk Pro
TV Listings

PDAnet – love it
aDyno – a neat little dynometer app that uses the G-sensor and custom profiles to give you a fairly accurate reading on your vehicles hp, 1/4 mile times, etc
Antigen – fun puzzle/action game
BofA/Wells Fargo apps – AWESOME for managing your accounts on the fly… especially useful when paired with app
Bubble – handy leveling app that can get you a close-enough level of surfaces, pool tables, etc
Car Finder – i’m pretty good at remembering where i parked my car, but this app is good for remembering exact meeting spots for group outings
Cardio Trainer – this app is a must-have app if you do a lot of outdoor cardio. it tracks your progress via google maps/gps and tells you your calories burned, has a pedometer, and auto stops when you stop so you dont have to fiddle with it
Craigslist – already mentioned… amazing app when you’re shopping for a place to live or buy random stuff
Dolphin browser – IMO, the best web browser on Android
Funny Jokes – cool little app with thousands of jokes in categories… neat little party favor
Kindle – good to have on long trips to have a book or 2 at your disposal at all times
Meebo – decent IM app for all the big IM clients (AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, FB…. )
My Verizon – very easy way to monitor your usage, pmnts, etc
Pandora – if you don’t know this one, go back to your cave
Photobucket – I love this b/c i can delete all the photos on my phone since they automaticall upload to photobucket shortly after i take them… also allows you to view all your pics/albums from a good looking, easy to useapp
Ringdroid – fun ringtone creator, uses mp3s and allows you to splice them on the fly
Robo Defense – addicting tower defense game (drains the crap out of your battery though)
Skyfire – good browser for viewing flash-reliant web pages (like Hulu)
Tip Calc – good app for divvying up large checks among diners
Trapster – i’m on the fence with this one… its not very good for local spots, but its a good speed/camera trap locator for unfamiliar territory
Urban dictionary – good for finding definitions to any bit of slang
Zedge – AWESOME rington/background search app… i’ve fond dozens of sounds and backgrounds using its simple interface

Slacker radio

launcher pro
easy tether

Audio guru
Toggle screen
Cnet scan
….haven’t tried yet.

Regular Apps
Astro– file browser (install apps that are saved on your SD card/ browse SD card)
Awesome Drop– Send files from computer to phone without having to plug it up (no acct needed) I also use it to send apps from my computer to my friends phones.
Beautiful Widgets– HTC like widgets for LauncherPro
Better Cut– customize your icons
Bump– bump phones with another person to send pics/contacts/apps/etc to them
Chrome to Phone– send a link from your computer browser to your phone…..the page instantly opens
Device Information– memory, cpu, component, etc info. allows access to system logs as well
Dolphin HD(IMO, better than plain Dolphin)- web browser that is MUCH better than the stock…gesture controls, installable firefox-like add ons, and all
Fancy Widget– HTC clock/weather widget for LauncherPro
Fps2D– tells you fps and stdev of your display
Freetube– rip youtube vids to your phone
Gmote– use your phone as a media remote, mouse, and keyboard for your computer. It also allows you to stream movies on your phone from your computer
Good Morning– Alarm clock that plays mp3s, tells you the weather(can I ride my bike today), and says a custom message when it wakes you up
GPS Speedo– to make sure my SpeedoHealer is calibrated right
Handcent– better SMS program than stock……IMO
LauncherPro– it’s been listed already…..but 1 more time because it’s the shit
Linpack– system benchmark
Lockbot Pro– change your lock type and screen (I love the rotary vanilla lock)
Lookout– Antivirus and Where’s my droid in one…..but free
Micdroid– Autotune your voice… kids love it
MMA News– self explanitory
MyBackup Pro– backup/restore your apps, homescreen, contacts, messages,…………EVERYTHING(allows you to select what you want)
Our Groceries– allows the wife and I to use both of our phones to access the same grocery list
Quadrant Standard– Graphic performance benchmark
Spare Parts (the modded LeFroyo version that I have is root only but basic is not)- system tweaker
Swype– the ONLY way to type
TV Guide– self explanitory……the main feature I like is that you can pick your favorite shows and it will tell you all of the times that they play
Rooted Apps
AdFree– removes ads from apps
Android Shell Emulator– terminal for Linux commands……installs without root….but kinda useless without it
Quick Boot– direct reboot, bootloader, or recovery
Rom Manager (I have Premium ver. but it only adds access to a few more Roms….free version still a must for rooted users)- flash either recovery directly from app, direct rom downloads, backup roms, etc.
Root Explorer– file explorer (I use it when I need write access to system files….otherwise I use Astro)
SetCPU– CPU(overclock/underclock) and governor manager. You can set up profiles to control your CPU usage to conserve battery or perform better at certain times.
ShootMe– take screenshots
Titanium Backup– back up/uninstall apps (I use it to uninstall google/Sprint apps that I don’t want)
Wireless Tether– free Wifi hotspot
JuiceDefender-helps strech your battery out a little longer by applying tweaks when certain things aren’t being used.
MSL Reader-tells you your MSL (Master Subsidy Lock) code needed for various functions on CDMA devices. (useless to some people, but a must for others)….and it totally beats having to use the CDMA Workshop to get it.

Games– just a few of my fav games
Air Control Lite
Assassin’s Creed
Beatdown Boxing
Grave Defence
Labyrinth lite
– cool because it’s 3D
My Paper Plane 2
Phit Droid
Robo Defense
Speed Skater
Speedx 3D
Spongebob puzzles
– Keeps my 4 yo occupied
Traffic Jam
Traffic Rush
Yo Spongebob
– another for the 4 yo

Netflix – Now out for the iPhone. You can watch streaming videos from your queue.