Since my last post I have indeed been able to get Android running on the Windows Mobile 6.5 based T-Mobile HTC HD2. You never know going into these things if it will be easy to figure out and make it usable but it was actually a piece of cake thanks to the developers over at xda.

I’m now running the FroyoStone-Aug7-Clean rom by DarkStone1337 from for 24/7 use. The battery usage is fantastic! It uses less power than Windows Mobile 6.5 (WM) and even running from the SD card, this rom is faster and more responsive than WM. I’ve never been able to get this phone to run an entire day without charging on any OS/rom but this is as close as I’ve come so far so I’m excited for the future of Android on the HD2.

I’ve tested about 5 or 6 different rom builds for the HD2 1024 and this is the first one that I’ve been able to get almost everything working. Everything that I need for day to day usage and to switch away from WM anyway. Of course I’m still excited for further developments and watching every day for new breakthroughs 🙂

Android rom Info:

The clean version here is the best one for me so far. I tried the Sense version and personally wasnt able to get it to boot but other people use it without issue.
For anyone that is having the blank screen issue, kind of like an sod but where the phone is alive and the display is on, it just stays blank after going to sleep. I had this too and was not able to get it to wake up without pulling the battery but I have since realized that I have to unmount and remount the SD card from within Android twice every time after I install applications before I let the phone sleep and it prevents the issue from happening. DarkStone mentions this in the readme txt and I’ve found that doing it twice after installs before the phone is put to sleep completely eliminates any problems.

Very small price to pay for daily use of android on a phone that wasnt designed for it. And it takes less than a minute. Heck, even WM freezes on me but FroyoStone-Aug7-Clean doesnt!

This is the xda build list thread.
I may try more of these because some of them are supposed to have even better battery usage! I’m not super concerned right now though because what I have is working now and I know that I’m going  to want to change my rom again soon anyway as major developments are made.

Not really any more info on the other builds I’ve tried will be useful as they were just beta roms for testing and were known to have issues. New developments are made now on almost a daily basis, the xda guys are hard at work on this particular device and for that I’m very thankful.

This is a quick video showing FroyoStone Android rom running flawlessly on my T-Mobile HTC HD2.

Thanks to:


Without these talented developers, we would not be able to make good use of this great piece of hardware.